The mission of the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt is to provide education, inspiration and enjoyment of bonsai to novice visitors and bonsai enthusiasts within a museum of bonsai masterpieces.

How to Give to the GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt (BGLM)

New Bench in front of New Windows created as part of the GRO program.

You know how important it is to house and maintain this world class collection of legacy trees for the public to view in the best possible museum setting. Each takes soil, fertilizers, pots, water, space and constant care. BGLM is a volunteer organization that manages our gifts carefully to keep the Garden a living museum of the art of bonsai. Donors are invited to become members of our Garden Revitalization Opportunity (GRO) program. The goal of this program is to “Grow the old Garden into something new again.” GRO will focus our efforts on the following projects:

  1. replace all of the decaying display benches,
  2. replace the irrigation systems in the display garden and reserve areas,
  3. replace existing drip heads on bonsai
  4. add an additional pathway inside the Garden,
  5. install additional display and seating benches,
  6. install a tokonoma display area,
  7. repave the pathways in the Garden,
  8. replace signage throughout the entire Lake Merritt Garden,
  9. add weed cloth over the entire landscape area, and
  10. upgrade the exterior electrical outlets and security lights.
Volunteers joined together through our hard work and generous donations to create a one-of-a-kind living art museum of legacy and master bonsai that is supported totally by volunteers and donations. Now we need help once again to revitalize the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt that is showing signs of its age and popularity. Please donate what you can to help us through the next phase of our journey together.
The Bonsai Garden has begun its GRO project with funds from our reserves and a grant from the Golden State Bonsai Federation as well as contributions from individuals and clubs through out the area. We also received a grant from the Walter & Elise Haas Fund that will help take us to our $100,000 goal, but we need your help to reach our goal. Please contribute here online to our YouCaring crowd funding campaign and come by to visit the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt to see how your contribution will help keep this museum open free to the public. If you wish to mail us a donation, please make your check payable to “GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt” with “GRO” on the memo line and mail to GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt, P.O. Box 16176, Oakland, CA 94610.